Brookside Big Local


Minutes for Meeting held Monday 13th
July 2015 at 20:00 until 22:00 at Brookside Central


Present: Steve Thayne, Sarah Durnall, Helen Fairweather, Fiona
Moore and Nicola Anderson.


Apologies: Tina Rogers, John Edwards,
Stuart Parr, Rob Bennett, John Maguire, Arnold England, Gillian Bailey, Elaine Vinters, Angie Wilson and David Ottely.


Minutes from the
meeting held on 15th June were approved following this listed ammendment;

Forums are for residents only.


As Tina was poorly
and Steve acted as Chairperson for the meeting. All decisions have been made
provisionally and will take affect should no objections are made by Monday 20th


The 15th July “To Do
List” was discussed. Talking to residents around the centre was beneficial and
should be done on a regular basis, going to the park at key times would also be
good to spread the word of BBL’s aims and to intice
more volunteers. The meeting with Leigh Ricketts was discussed and attached is
a sample of questions which can be expanded, discussed.


Local Trust – All formal letters have been sent
out. Zoe has sent the schedule of payments which are in 4 equal amounts. This
has to be discussed. It was discussed to change the quarterly meetings to twice
yearly. To discuss what has went well, any changes in
requirements etc. There may be adjustments needed on the agreement with SBPC
and BBL due to payment schedule.


and Brookside Parish Council (SBPC) –
 clarification is addressed with actions on the
“To do List”.


Pride in the Community – Spinal Path – Letter concerning what work has been
done, what is currently happening was delivered to the appropriate addresses
last week. W/C 20th July, team of council workers and BBL volunteers will be
door knocking (10:00 in the morning and 17:30 in the evening), more volunteers
needed, Sarah is co-ordinating this.


BBL Health and Wellbeing – Steve met with Deb Derham
and discussed piloted projects; Young people age 13 – 25 who self harm, offering support to families, this project is
co-ordinated by Becca Blount and Steve. This is working well.


Mental health,
physical health are helping residents in the community
through, for example, volunteering at the cafe has given a boost in confidence
to some residents and also had a great impact on our community.


Elaine has worked
hard for the hearing impaired residents, she is learning to teach sign
language, raising awareness and is passionate about progressing this to enable
a template to be used for all and perhaps create new social enterprises. This
is to be discussed at the next sub group meeting where concrete decisions are
made and funding discussed.


It was brought up
that the Health and Wellbeing sub group could commission outside help for
training etc.


Skills and Audit Evaluation – A sheet was handed out summarising
where our strengths are etc. It was universally agreed that our biggest problem
is time. With more Community Forums, more talking with residents will lead to
more involvement freeing up people’s time. Moving on efficiently will require
training, either in-house and sourcing outside trainers to train at Brookside
Central, key area’s identified were: Business Management, Health and Safety,
Business Planning and Financial Monitoring. Training should be focused on our
needs and a costing exercise should be performed.


There is a Local
Networking event in September on a Saturday, Helen suggested that BBL have a
presence there.


Community Chest – First three: Brookside Friendly Club,
Brookside Events Group and Elaine Vinters have been
provisionally approved. Nikki Lane’s has been rejected due to her budget plan,
however it was provisionally agreed that £100 to be paid for her time and
materials for the Arts Event on 8th of August and Training (see above). It was
discussed to pay Grant the muscian, though the budget
has to be looked at. John Trubshaw should receive
payment for a printer that he bought; £75, and additional funding for his
consumables as well. Unsuccessful – Family & Cohesion Services as £500
won’t cover the cost of the pool table.


BBL Community Plan – To be discussed when more member are in attendance.


Proposed Date for next BBL Meeting – 17th August, 20:00 until 21:30ish at
Brookside Central.


Other Business – Physical regeneration complete, now
working towards social regeneration. TWC recognise BBL as a partner in
Brookside’s social regeneration and will include BBL as much as possible.


Press release 14th
July (10:30) at Windmill Primary, Shropshire Radio will be talking to the
council and two pupils, BBL invited and Nicola will attend.


Helen brought up that
Arnold had discussed the BBL quarterly meetings. These could be reduced to
twice yearly to celebrate all the good work, discuss the challenges, any issues
to be addressed etc.


Community Filter
Forums – Friday 30th October, 09:30 until 11:30 should be open for wider
participation – social enterprises, BBL member, training etc.


Bonfire event needs
to be organised. See “To do List”.


Video – A corporate
communication video is being discussed about interviewing people who work in
their community, how it has helped them and others. BBL are invited to be part
of this initiative. Fiona and Sarah are co-ordinating this at Brookside
Central. This will also help with the annual review for the Local Trust.


New resident –
Barbara, a Ghanian lady in our community would like
to get involved, and it’s suggested that she come to the next BBL meeting on
the 17th August. She’d like to participate in the Arts Event on the 8th August.
This has been agreed in principle.


Arts Event – 8th August 2015 – John Trubshaw
is going to video the event. We will need volunteers to take notes of the
discussions that will occur at the sit down feast. This is a great opportunity
in bringing people together to discuss what people want or need for their




********URGENT**********  TO DO LIST


and Gillian to discuss the payment schedule as soon as possible.

to talk to Gillian with regards to her concerns.





from the above discussions to be distributed accordingly.

Path – More Volunteers needed for 20/07/15 door knocking, showing residents
questionnaire/bulb options. Two blocks of time for volunteers: 10:00 and 17:30
– volunteer with a council member.

Path – Wider/Expanded Plan of Works to be discussed.

and Wellbeing – Steve to talk to Maggie Hunt at TACT.

at training in Brookside Central and training that will help BBL achieve it’s long term goals. Identify
focused training.

Chest – Sarah to talk to Nikki Lane.

Chest – After Monday, 20th July Nicola will email successful applicants, Fiona
to assist.

Chest to be added to next Agenda.

Business – Meeting to discuss Bonfire – location, legalities, contractors etc – Tina with Nicola assisting.

– Steve to post on Facebook an invitation for volunteers to be on video talking
about their work in the community.

resident – Barbara – Steve to email BBL guidelines to her.

– Will need one off liability insurance for the Arts event and in future be
added to Brookside Event Groups insurance.