Brookside Big Local meeting

Minutes for Partnership / Decision Making Meeting held Tuesday 9th February 2016

at Brookside Central 7pm – 9pm Chaired by Fiona Moore



1.Present : Fiona Moore , Tina Rogers , Barry Wade , Elaine Vinters , Barbara Vandross, Richard Shaw , John Trubshaw , Steve Thayne , John Maguire

2. Apologies : Helen Fairweather , Stuart Parr , Gillian Bailey , Sam Smith , John Edwards , Leigh Ricketts , Arnold England , Sarah Durnall .

3. Minutes of Meeting held 11th January 2016 were agreed & signed .                                                                                One pending action from the above from the to do list: Office Suite discs – Gillian & Sam to see if there is a spare  Office Suite / license for Nicola .

4. Appointment of Brookside Big Local Chairperson: There were 2 candidates John Trubshaw & Barry Wade . Both gave a 5 minute talk on what they hoped to add to the Partnership. Both spoke about their wish to move forward           with the delivery of the BBL Community Plan & continue to build a positive perspective for Brookside & build Community spirit. Ballot papers were given out & the result was 4 votes for each candidate. The decision was made to appoint joint Chair for the BBL Partnership & was agreed by those present.  Congratulations to both John & Barry .

5. Big Chat Networking Event 30th January 2016. Attached copy prepared by Nicola. Thank you for the work on this that was distributed to all the Big Local areas present. In addition the feedback was extremely positive. Lots of experiences shared. Barry in particular mentioned that there was a lot of interest in the amount of Social Enterprise initiatives in Brookside. Next Big Chat: Date & venue to be arranged.

6. Enterprise Development Workshop Monday 29th February 2016 6pm – 8pm to be held in the training room at Brookside Central . Chris Allen will facilitate. An invitation was sent out & 15 will be attending & waiting for response from others .

7. Community Chest : The Panel is Paul Bailiff , Fiona Moore & John Maguire . The initial applications will be sent to Sam Smith / Tina Rogers & forwarded to the panel for approval / decline . The Application form / procedures have been amended . Copies of the new proceedures were handed out at this meeting & sent out by email previously .

The Application & process will be available on the website & paper copies will be available at Brookside Central.

8 . BBL Co-ordinator Report : Tina Rogers . The report was sent out via email on 9th February & paper copies were handed out to those present . In addition to this report the following was discussed :

Brookside Central Alternative Management .

Actions :                                                                                                                                                                                                1. Survey to be produced for Community feedback with a brief skills audit to be attached ( Sam Smith / Tina Rogers )

2. Formation of a working group to focus on partnership with S&BPC . Ideally 5 People preferably from the local Community  to prepare a proposal for a meeting to be held on 17th March.

3 . BBL Drop in will be used to consult with the community about Brookside Central alternative management

9. LTO Report : Copy was attached to Agenda . It was requested by Steve Thayne that all funding that has been allocated for future expenditure ( Community Chest / BBL Co – ordinator ) should be shown on the report .

10 .Website – Update :  John Maguire , Sam Smith , Nicola Anderson & Tina Rogers met on Monday 1st February to discuss the content of the BBL website. It was agreed that there should be photos of members & a short brief about each . John has enabled the groups to post updates if they wish themselves . John asked what needed to be posted & it was agreed to post minutes once agreed & signed by the Chair/s. We agreed that it would be a good idea if the website was linked directly to facebook . It was agreed that a meeting at least every month with John would help with updating the website.

11. AOB : Partnership Meeting Etiquette : A copy of the protocol for both new members joining the partnership & resigning from the partnership were handed to those present . Copies are available .

Training course ( Beginners Bid Writing ) on Thursday 14th April at a cost of £186.00 inc VAT correction to Agenda . Tina requested that she go on this course & it was agreed with those present . Sam Smith ( S&BPC ) will also be attending .

Richard Shaw informed us that he would be attending a Business Growth Seminar on Wednesday 10th April & would report back to us with information that may be beneficial to our delivery of the Community Plan .

Steve requested the Brookside Big Local & Telford and Wrekin Mental Health Strategy response be attached with these minutes ( Atached ) Steve & Tina met with the NHS Mental health commission & Deb Derham ( Health Champions ) initiatve on Wednesday 27th January . Steve wrote & presented the report & received really positive feedback.



Next Meetings:     To be held at Brookside Central

Monday 22nd February           Open Community Forum                                                6pm – 8pm

Monday  7th March                 Open Community Forum                                                6pm  - 8pm


Tuesday 8th March                  BBL Partnership / Decision Making Meeting                7pm – 9pm












                                                                                                                                                                     Prepared by T.Rogers 13.02.16

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