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Minutes for Partnership/Decision Making Meeting held Monday 11th January 2016 at 20:00 until 22:00 – at Brookside Central in the Bishopdale Room.


Present for Closed Meeting: Tina Rogers, Fiona Moore, Sarah Durnall, Helen Fairweather, Steve Thayne, Sam Smith, Rebecca Molloy, Gillian Bailey, Leigh Ricketts, Barry Wade and Nicola Anderson.


Apologies: Arnold England, John Edwards and Paul Bailiff


General Introduction


The group talked about the excellent presentation from Telford Bikes during the newly named Community Open Forum Meeting.




Apologies noted above.




The minutes from 14th December 2015 were approved with the following ammendment:


  • Chris Allen is our Big Local Advisor and has nothing to do with Unltd


Brookside Big Local Co-Ordinator


Tina Rogers has been appointed BBL Co-ordinator. She is looking forward to starting her new role on 25th January 2016. Tina will be based mainly at Brookside Central but will work alongside Sam at the Sambrook Centre in Stirchley. She has ideas aplenty and looks forward to focusing on the main aims. The Partnership knows that she will go above and beyond in her new role. Congratualtions Tina.


Brookside Big Local Chairperson


Tina Rogers will step down as Chair of Brookside Big Local on 25th January 2016. A new chair will be voted in on the next Partnership/Decision Making Meeting on 9th February 2016. Closing date for nominations is 20th January 2016. All nominations are to be made to Nicola.


Re-Structure of Meetings


The Open Meeting has been renamed: Community Open Forum Meeting and the Closed Meeting has been renamed: Partnership/Decision Making Meeting. Tina kindly gave out a 6 month meeting schedule that has been agreed:


  • Monday 8th February – Community Open Forum – 18:00 until 20:00 – Brookside Central.
  • Tuesday 9th February – Partnership/Decision Making – 19:00 until 21:00 – Brookside Central.
  • Monday 22nd February – Community Open Forum – 18:00 until 20:00 – Brookside Central.
  • Monday 7th March – Community Open Forum – 18:00 until 20:00 – Brookside Central.
  • Tuesday 8th March – Partnership/Decision Making – 19:00 until 21:00 – Brookside Central.
  • Monday 21st March - Community Open Forum – 18:00 until 20:00 – Brookside Central.


This can be reviewed to accomondate day meetings too.




The website requires further content. Perhaps a Website Steering Group. A meeting will be arranged with John Maguire to discuss this further. Perhaps include films of the Community Open Forum Meetings.


Budget 2016


Helen, Tina, Gillian and Nicola met on Friday 8th January 2016 at Sambrook to discuss the budget. A few tweeks were made to add lines for The Community Chest, the CoOrdinator role and tally up from August to March for the first year and following years April to March.


The budget was agreed and can be submitted to the Local trust for the annual review.


Sam will continue to provide her LTO report which will include a running total of money used from the million pounds.


The Telford Bikes request for £8,250 was agreed:


  • £1,500 – Training
  • £3,544 – Heating
  • £1,896 – Tools
  • £1,310 - Insurance


Grant Clayton's Community Chest Grant was increased to £540


Community Chest will have a line in the budget of £6,000, with a max of £500.


The Community Chest will be open to written applications and a form of open bidding. The Partners can assist with either of these processes as presentations can be daunting for some individuals.


Helen has provided contact details of the Lightfoot Charity regarding energy efficiency:


Dave Green, who can provide expert advice, mention Helen's name (thankyou):


Chris Allen – Social Investment Representative


It would be beneficial for Chris to attend the Directors meetings of our current CIC's. Helen has emailed Chris with each of the following Groups email addresses:


  • Cre-Active
  • Be-Active
  • Take 5 Cafe
  • Telford Bikes
  • Brookside Events Group
  • Telford Hornets – Ladies Rugby
  • A Better Tomorrow


If anone has any questions for Chris Allen, here is his email address:



The budget has £2,250 available for consultant fees.




Sam kindly received 3 quotes for a BBL laptop. One is required and was approved – The Argos quote for £299.00.


Community Centre


With the £30 million savings that TWC have to make, discussions as to not being able to manage the community centres after April 2017, BBL can organise itself using Chris Allen, TWC to make an informed proposal for the community centre to remain open.


An expression of interest has to be proposed as soon as possible, this will give the group time to perform a feasibility study, utilising TWC and Chris Allen.


The meetings on the 19th, 26th and 30th January will also help the group collate information and make informed decisions. With Tina onboard as our Co-Ordinator, this project should run smoothly.


Health and Wellbeing Commission


This should be added to February's Agenda as Steve and Arnold have projects started that will tie into our theme. This is an important topic as our CIC's and Community Groups are helping our residents with their mental health issues.




  •  Statement for BBL Facebook and BBL Website regarding Co-Ordinator and BBL Chair nominations – Nicola
  • Meeting to be arranged in the afternoon for John, Tina, Sam and Nicola – Sam and Tina to check their diaries for a day next week – Nicola
  • Helen to forward other Big Local initiatives – Email received thank you
  • Office Suite discs – Gillian and Sam to see if the have a spare Office Suite/license for Nicola
  • Names for attendees for Wolverhampton to be submitted to Nicola for transport arrangements.





  • 19th January 2016 – Parish Council Open Meeting regarding Community Centres – Sambrook Centre at 18:00
  • 26th January 2016 – TWC Budget Meeting – 14:00 in Wellington
  • 30th January 2016 – Big Chat – Scotland and Bushbury – Wolverhampton – Time to be confirmed, an agenda will be forwarded.







Brookside Events Group – Hallow'een Disco 30/10/15 at Brookside Central

130 people attended, DJ, Games and Activities were thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Brookside Big Local – Firework Display with Cre-Active Arts/Music and Creative Writing Session 14/11/15 at Brookside Central then The Windmill Primary School

800 plus people attended the fireworks, there was a large, steady stream of people joining in with the Cre-Active activities of Art display of glitter representing the fireworks, a community poem created and decorated by the community and an excellent music session showing off the talents of our budding musical youth.

Brookside Events Group – Live Nativity – 01/12/15

Excellent turn out, the animals especially the sheep were the stars of the Nativity. Rev. Janet Holmes was an excellent storyteller and the children enjoyed taking part. Take 5 Cafe provided an excellent food service for the atendees. The mince pies went quickly and were enjoyed by all.

Brookside Events Group – Christmas Fair – 10/12/15

Excellent turnout for the Santa's Grotto, Mr Trubshaw was an excellent santa and the snow machine provided many giggles from the children. The tables were full of  goods and fair and the atmosphere was jovial and fun.





















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