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Minutes for Meetings held Monday 19th October 2015 at 19:00 until 20:00 – Open Meeting in the Take5 Cafe Area and 20:00 until 22:00 – Closed Meeting at Brookside Central in the Blakemore Room.


Present for Open Meeting: Helen Fairweather, Steve Thayne, Stuart Parr, Sam Smith, Arnold England, Janet Holmes, Sam Smith, Nikki Lane, Roxy Forbes, Rebecca Molloy, Grant Clayton and Nicola Anderson.


Present for Closed Meeting: Sarah Durnall, Fiona Moore, Barbara Vandross (Part), Helen Fairweather, Steve Thayne, Stuart Parr, Sam Smith, Rebecca Molloy, Arnold England and Nicola Anderson.


Apologies for Closed Meeting: Tina Rogers, Gillian Bailey, John Trubshaw, John Edwards, John Maguire, Angie Wilson and Rick Shaw.


Open Meeting


There was a general introduction for everyone in attendance.


The open meeting focused on the activities of the Cre-Active Group, which is organised and run by Nikki, Rebecca, Grant, Steve and Roxy.


The group were told how the group came to be and how positive, even in it's early days, it's being for the young and older residents alike.


The Sunday sessions are proving popular with an average of 40 attendee's creating arts, music and creative writing.


The sessions have an initial theme, but, the theme can be expanded by the child's imagination or creative energy. On Sunday the group are using the Big bang Event as a general theme so that the children can showcase their work whether through Art, Music or Writing.


The group talked about their funding, they have been allocated funds, which they are hardly using. A music library is in it's infant stage and already proving beneficial for the young aspiring musicians.


Safeguarding the children is paramount to the group, current volunteers have attended a Safeguarding Awareness course and are either DBS checked or in the process of being vetted.


The group are keen to be self-sustaining. There are various ideas for potential CIC opportunities; for example:


  • Music Library
  • Artwork Sales
  • Life Skills lessons – Hairdressing, Nails, Dressmaking/Design, Script writing/Film making – the list is endless


The group talked about working with the Police using restorative justice for children with issues, for example, using the child's time to restore graffitti with creative art, using fly tipped furniture and restore it, the possibilities are endless.


The group talked about linking their activities with the local schools for seasonal breaks like Easter, Harvest (recently happened and was fabulous) and Christmas.


There are other funds that can be accessed through the Borough and Parish Councils. The councillors from both are keen to assist the group.


The group talked about the visible response to their activities:


  • Building positive relationships between adults and children.
  • Teaching listening skills and mutual respect.
  • Something for the children to look forward too, giving them the medium to express themselves
  • Through creative writing, the children are able to express themselves or write about the things that worry them.


Urban farming was discussed, the Cre-Active group have enabled the children to express their ideas openly and are in a position to investigate and empore them to make their ideas a reality.


The group expressed ideas for funding:


  • Drum Kit and Repair Kit - £400
  • Guitars for left handed children
  • PA system - £700 - £800 – could be used in the CIC idea
  • Microphones
  • Skills for Bid Writing
  • Disposable “CSI Suits” to protect clothing on the graffitti projects
  • Laser projector – Cinema projection “thingmejig” - £300 – Community Chest application?


It was suggested that shared resources could be found from othe Big local groups, for example York, teaming up with Madeley Council and Abraham Darby School who have an excellent music program. Dance classes, street dance etc.




Closed Meeting – Minutes as per Agenda


Minutes from the meeting held on 21st September were approved with the amendment of adding Arnold England to the attendee's list. With 2 things still pending on the To Do List:


  1. DBS Checks costs – Sam/Gillian
  2. Arts/Music Sub Group minutes to be forwarded by Sarah Durnall


BIG Chat Networking Event – 17/10/2015 – It was agreed that the event was both beneficial and a success. Notes from the meeting are attached for all to see, these have been forwarded to all attendee's with the invitation to join The BIG Chat Facebook page as created by Nikki Lane, a forum for our groups to communicate and talk about the good and the bad. It's appropriate for it to be documented that Take5 Cafe, Telford Bikes and John Trubshaw's presentation were the stars of the day – above and beyond inspiring attitude. Thank you.


There are country-wide networking events that could be beneficial, transport, childcare costs are met. Something to think about.


Website Update – Again thanks to John for his hard work. Ideas to be addressed at the next meeting.


Brookside Big Local Insurance -  Further insurance quotes have been requested from Zurich, Access Insurance and Morton Michel. At the minute:


  • Aviva – Annual - £1,047.01
  • Aviva – 3 Year Binding Agreement - £994.66


This is an on-going project to be discussed at the next BBL meeting. The additional quotes are a necessity for transparency.


DBS Checks for Volunteers/Partnership Members – Gillian is going to investigate and do a costing report. This will be carried onto the next Agenda.


Proposal for Brookside Big Local Co-Ordiantor Role -  Gillian has submitted a draft formal specification of this role – attached. Line Managed by Gillian/LTO. Report to Partnership, any other duties as required, flexible – unsocialable hours, evening, weekend work etc, member of the community of possible, a job created for the community not a person. Initial funding for 3 years with the applicant looking to self-sustaining the role. This role has been agreed and endorsed.


Annual Review – The date has been decided for Monday 2nd of November from 16:00. A large to do list mentioned below. Please CC all involved with any emails. The Flyer created should be added to BBL Website/Facebook Page as well as the local community and organiser Facebook pages.


Procedures for BBL Partnership Members – There is a two tiered system in place now. Members who are able to attend meetings and assist with policy decisions and Members who can be part of the partnership and achieve goals. (if I have worded this incorrectly I apologise), the aim for BBL is for all to participate. Agreed procedures:


  • Members have to attend three meetings within a six month period.


This will be added to the next meeting as further information/collaberation is required.


Sub-Groups Update – Please refer to the Open Meeting Minutes, this amalagmates Health and Well Being and the Environmental group.


LTO Updates/Reports – Badger Print have been chosen to provide 2,000 Post Cards, with amended contact details at £108 inclusive of VAT. These will be posted in all doors including a Brookside Community Chest/ Plan A5 leaflet with ammended details, costs to be researched. For the interim, the Brookside Big Local Plan will be printed as and when required.




  • BIG Get Together – Videos of BBL events and interviews to be shown at the event, this will show how BBL and the Co-Operative Council are working together to achieve the same aims. Priorities and Ideals will be on display, including; The BBL, BEG. Arnold and Tina will hold a question and answer forum, it would be good for other Parish Councillors to be in attendance for this as Sarah, Fiona and Gillian.


  • Arnold brought up a car parking project that we could all assist with.


Upcoming Events – Please see Dates/Events for your diary listed below.



Brookside Big Local Next “Suggested” Meeting – Monday 16th November– Open Meeting 19:00 until 20:00, Closed Meeting – 20:00 until 21:30ish at Brookside Central.




  • Open Meeting – Helen to forward information concerning assistance/funding from alternative groups.
  • Open Meeting – Sam to cost protective clothing (Disposable, SP Services, Boundtree do packs of CSI suits – suggestion for you)
  • Open Meeting - Arnold with the assistance of Stuart, Gillian and Jackie to forward information on available environment funding available and suggestions for “bid writing”.
  • Open Meeting – The Cre-Active Group to have written quotations for the equipment noted above.
  • Closed Meeting – Childminding is a wee issue that has to be addressed. (Just thought of this), Nicola to look for solutions for this issue, working with respected childminder – Carol Rigby for ideas for minders during the meetings. I'd appreciate John's and Angie's thoughts on this – a cost that can be absorbed? To be added to the next Agenda.
  • Closed Meeting – DBS quotes and ideas followed through to next meeting.
  • Closed Meeting – Annual Review - Helen to give an idea for pamplet/leaflet to Sam, Nicola to email Take5 Cafe with regards to refreshments, Nicola to email Nikki/Cre-Active Group with regards to a creative activity. Leaflets to be organised for schools – 12 x 30 for Windmill, 9 x 30 for Holmer Lake and 50 x for Nursery Children, arranged into packs for schools. The vouchers to be distributed for free refreshments/creative activities at the door of Brookside Central.
  • Closed Meeting – Co-Ordinator Role – Amendments to be made as above – Gillian.
  • Closed Meeting – BBL Membership – Nicola/Sam/Tina to work together on attendance and format of general email to be sent to absent attendees. Childcare, work commitments need to be taken into consideration.
  • Closed Meeting – LTO Report – Re-Print with amended contact details to be costed. These leaflets will be posted along with postcards.




  • 30/10/2015 – BIG Get Together – Brookside Central – 09:30 – 11:30
  • 30/10/2015 – Hallow'een Disco – Brookside Central – 15:30 – 17:30
  • 30/10/2015 – Pub Quiz – Brookside Central – 19:00 – 23:00
  • 14/11/2015 – Arts/Music Pre-Big Bang Event – Brookside Central – 17:00 – 19:00
  • 14/11/2015 – Big Bang Event – The Windmill Primary School Grounds – 19:00ish onwards
  • 2nd Nov 2015 – Local Trust Annual Review – from 16:00
  • 2nd Nov 2015 – Local Trust Partnership Review – from 16:00
  • 01/12/2015 – Christmas Gathering – Brookside Central – 15:30 – 17:30
  • 03/12/2015 – Winter Wonderland – Brookside Central – 15:30 until 17:30
  • 10/12/2015 – Christmas Fair – Brookside Central – 15:30 until 17:30








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