Brookside Big Local


Minutes for Closed Meeting held Monday 16th November 2015 at 20:00 until 22:00 – at Brookside Central in the Training Room.


Present for Closed Meeting: Tina Rogers, John Edwards, Sarah Durnall, Fiona Moore, Helen Fairweather, Steve Thayne, Sam Smith, Rebecca Molloy and Nicola Anderson.


Apologies for Closed Meeting: Gillian Bailey, John Trubshaw, John Maguire, Arnold England and David Ottley.


General Introduction


The group talked about the excellent turnout for the Open Meeting. Rebecca Molloy is now an official member of the Brookside Big Local Partnership.




Apologies noted above are the members who emailed me.




The minutes from 19th October were approved with the following amendment:


  • Procedures for Partnership Members to be added to each agenda as attendance etc needs to be discussed on an individual basis.


Big Get Together


Held on the 30th October from 09:30 until 11:30 at Brookside Central. There were many service providers in attendance. The video of volunteers talking about their experiences was well received and is available on the BBL Website and You Tube.


The general consensus is that these service providers are interested and keen to get involved in Brookside Big Local's Plan for Brookside, especially Children's Services.


Brookside Big Local is now perceived as really good for Brookside, there seems to be a better understanding of the groups plan.


Annual Review


Held on 2nd November from 16:00 until 19:30ish at Brookside Central.


Thanks are minuted for Nikki Lane, Roxy Forbes and John Trubshaw for the Cre-Active activities for the children and Sam Smith for her help with the refreshments.


The BBL aims to continue with it's present plan, tweeking a few aims for the better of the community. Great progress has been made and it's continuous.


The Enviroment and Health and Well Being aims are in full swing. The Dog Fouling Campaign and the Spinal Path initiative have made a difference for residents and the community as a whole.


The Community Garden and growing our own food has been successful with thanks to Kevan Hicks et al.


The Open Meeting held last night shows how the aim of Health and Wellbeing is progressing.


Ideas to assist residents with issues concerning Domestic and Sexual Abuse hasn't commenced yet, though steps are being made to achieve this.


Residents have shown appreciation for the Events that have been held over the past few months, new relationships and a sense of community spirit has been forged. Though as a group communication is something that needs to improve.


There are many high points to the work done so far:


  • Take 5 cafe
  • Telford Bikes
  • Cre-Active


The above are pivital in creating a sense of togetherness within the community.


Brookside Central is seen as a hub for the community and Sarah and Fiona's tireless work is paying off.


A Youth Brookside Big Local needs to be created for 16 to 24 year olds. Working with the Youth Group could help with this. This will give the young people a chance to shine, learn new skills and have a sense of belonging.


The Ethnic and Minority groups are slowly coming on board with the help of Barbara and Janette. Once the trust and rappore has been gained then relationships will flurish.


Partnership Members


Only 6 members have filled out the paperwork required. Sam will be emailing the procedures, terms and conditions etc out this week to members who haven't had the opportunity to attend the meetings.


Big Bang Event


A summary table has been added to the Minutes, showing brief notes and turnouts for events that are held in the community. I have just added the hallow'een disco and Big bang event, I aim to add more.


The Big bang was a huge success and the group would like to thank and show appreciation to the following:


  • The Stewards who assisted with the event: Nikki Lane, Roxy Forbes, Steve Thayne, Tina Rogers, Sarah Durnall and Fiona Moore, forgive me if I haven't mentioned your name but you were very appreciated.
  • The Police and PCSO's who gratefully organised at short notice a mobile van etc
  • Tina Rogers and John Trubshaw for cleaning up the aftermath
  • Sam Smith for collecting the art supplies for the Cre-Active activity session
  • The Cre-Active team for their activities and ofcourse the wonderful musicians


The feedback on Social Media has been excellent. Next year Jubilee should set up the fireworks in the field as there was one complaint from Blossomfield.


Next year, planning in advance, we could organise a collection pot for the event to make it bigger and better. The carboot £5.00 a spot raised £90.00 which went back into BBL. More carboots to be organised next year.


Brookside Big Local – Co-Ordiantor Role


Advertisement for role to go out on Social Media, Workshop Group (Mandy Jenkins?) at Brookside Central and all the relevant websites.


The role will be for 3 years with a 6 month probationary period.


Closing date is the 4th December 2015 followed by shortlisting panel with Interviews being held on 18th December.


Interview Panel will have:

  • Gillian Bailey – Parish Council
  • Nicola Anderson – BBL/Resident
  • John Edwards – BBL/Resident/CIC
  • Rebecca Molloy – BBL/Resident/Cre-Active


All members in attendance agreed.




Further to the additional quotes acquired by Gillian and Sam, the group decided to go ahead with Access Insurance at a cost of £1,047 per annum.




The group agreed the cost of £12.00 per person. This will be offered to all volunteers who assist with Events and Activities.




An additional email will be sent out tomorrow showing budgets, additional information on the Community Chest Funds, where letters have been sent out to recipiants of the fund. We currently have around £49,000 available to spend. This will be detailed later this week.




The members were in agreement for John and Sam to maintain the website and the £20.00 per annum new fee was agreed.


The Co-Ordiantor Role to be uploaded to website and Facebook/Twitter pages. The October Minutes can be added to the website.

Any Other Business


  • Cre-Active – Provisionally agreed £1,000 for PA system and microphones, Steve to email cost report.
  • Rebecca Blount (Reharmonize) has received £1,166 from the Police and Crime Commissioners for the Prevention Innovation Fund for a 12 week initiative for Stirchley and Brooksides ASB, criminal Damage and public order offences. The Parish Council has agreed a contribution to the £3,500 needed for the 3 phased 12 week program:


  1. 1st Phase – Attend areas where youth congregate and to start engaging them with outside cooking e.g. pancakes, noodles to offer warm food for 2 nights per week for 3 weeks.
  2. 2nd Phase – Taking a maximum of 12 youths on a weekend residential e.g. Arthog/Big Mose to enable getting to know the individuals on neutral environment so that their issues are identified and additional appropriate support is offered.
  3. 3rd Phase – Social Action identifying a project that the youths can put back into the community – Youth Brookside Big Local, repainting grafittied benches, re-planting torn up plants – apart from a Youth Brookside Big Local this would take place over an 8 week period.


Brookside Big Local has provisionally agreed to £1,166, though we need to knoww how much the Parish Council are contributing.


  • John Edwards had something to add, I will add it to the next Agenda.



Upcoming Events – Please see Dates/Events for your diary listed below.



Brookside Big Local Next “Suggested” Meeting – W/C - Monday 14th December– Open Meeting 19:00 until 20:00, Closed Meeting – 20:00 until 21:30ish at Brookside Central. Members can forward their ideas for dates to Nicola.




  •  Procedures to be a constant addition to future BBL Agenda's - Nicola
  • Spinal Path to be added to next BBL Agenda – Nicola
  • Pictures of Before/After to be forwarded for website/social media – David Ottley/John Trubshaw
  • Sub-Groups Update to be added to next BBL Agenda – Nicola
  • Membership Paperwork/Email to be sent out this week – Sam
  • Updated Contact List for Tina, Sam and Helen to be emailed – Nicola
  • Co-Ordiantor Role/October Minutes to be uploaded to website – John/Sam
  • Costing exercise for PA System etc – Steve
  • Tool Hire (Rachel Phillips) template documents to be forwarded to Nicola and Steve – Sarah/Fiona
  • Information for next meeting – John Edwards!




  • 01/12/2015 – Christmas Gathering – Brookside Central – 15:30 – 17:30
  • 03/12/2015 – Winter Wonderland – Brookside Central – 15:30 until 17:30
  • 10/12/2015 – Christmas Fair – Brookside Central – 15:30 until 17:30







Brookside Events Group – Hallow'een Disco 30/10/15 at Brookside Central

130 people attended, DJ, Games and Activities were thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Brookside Big Local – Firework Display with Cre-Active Arts/Music and Creative Writing Session 14/11/15 at Brookside Central then The Windmill Primary School

800 plus people attended the fireworks, there was a large, steady stream of people joining in with the Cre-Active activities of Art display of glitter representing the fireworks, a community poem created and decorated by the community and an excellent music session showing off the talents of our budding musical youth.

























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