Brookside Big Local


Minutes for Meeting Held Monday 15th June 2015 at 20:00 until 22:00 at Brookside Central


Present: Tina Rogers, Stuart Parr, Steve Thayne, Arnold England, Sarah Durnall, Leigh Ricketts, Gillian Bailey, Helen Fairweather, Fiona Moore, Elaine Vinters, James Loveridge and Nicola Anderson.


Apologies: John from Telford Bikes, Rob Bennett and David Ottely.


Minutes from the meeting held on 11th May were aproved following these listed ammendments;

  • Parish Council Meeting to be held on 23rd June rather than 24th June.


Everyone agreed having a to do list.


Skills and Capacity Audit was facilitated, each present member chose a skill number (1-7) and filled in talk sheets where ideas were written for the skills and knowledge and our individual rating for our strengths and weaknesses for these required skills. This will help with future training and where the group might need more help. This conversation has to be added to the next BBL agenda for further discussion.


It was discussed for a monthly business and finance meeting to be created where focus on  the groups ethics, stategies, issues could be discussed in a closed meeting.


A community forum to be organised for invited residents to find information, raise issues or concerns about the community will be separate. There are 14 streets and it was suggested that we initially try with Briarwood on the 6th July at 19:00 until 20:00. Meetings will be co-ordinated by  Brookside Big Local members with CSO and elected officials being present. Nicola to talk with Leigh Ricketts for pointers and to organise the cafe with the help of Sarah. Meeting with Leigh notes to follow.


This forum is purely to empower residents whilst involving residents to be take responsibility. The Celebrate Brookside on the 27th June will also be a chance for locals to hear about the work that BBL and representatives are currently doing to enable residents to be educated whilst nurturing them.


Health, several enterprises are currently being discussed; help for people with learning difficulties, difficulty of hearing issues that impact with the community, over 1,000 people currently impacted within our community. Art projects for the young who self harm is in the early stages with the aim to help people find out what they're good at. These are continual projects in the community for the community.


Social Media and Communication helping businesses though will be discussed at the next BBL meeting on the 13th July.


Brookside Community Chest was discussed, a sheet was handed out informing all present of the current applications. It was agreed that the Community Chest applications will be continued after the deadline of 26th June. It was decided to add this to the next meeting agenda.


Draft Agreement between Brookside Big Local Partnership and Stirchley and Brookside Parish Council was agreed in principle, with the Parish Council agreeing to recruit a staff member to become a Volunteer Support Administrator. The group found this offer very generous. This role could be expanded as projects increase.


Proposed Events – Saturday 27th Grand opening, where information will be available for residents, Tina, Angie, Sarah, Jackie Loveridge and Arnold will be in attendance and goody bags will be available for residents. There will be a stall, banner, journey board and the chance to talk about the Community Forum Springboard on July 6th. Fireworks and possible bonfire in the wind though input from The Police and Fireservice will be required for the bonfire.




  • Nicola to meet with Leigh Ricketts to discuss ideas for Comunity Forum on July 6th – Done Notes to Follow
  • Nicola to discuss with Angie if the Cafe could be open for the hour 19:00 and 20:00.
  • Nicola to inform Sarah should flipboards be required.
  • Stuart and Tina to attend the Community Forum.
  • Nicola to work on Flyer for this event, 150 and to help deliver it around Briarwood. Though due to time constraints etc, this will be reviewed after Saturdays Opening.
  • Fiona has a form to email Gillian about the Ethics Subgroup.









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