Brookside Big Local


Minutes for Meeting held Monday 17th August 2015 at 20:00 until 22:00 at Brookside Central


Present: Jennie Shaw, Nikki Lane, Barbara Vandross, Rebecca Molloy(Molley?), Gillian Bailey, Sarah Durnall, Elaine Vinters, John Trubshaw, Gary Insell, Helen Fairweather, Tina Rogers, Steve Thayne, Rick Shaw and Nicola Anderson.


Apologies: John Edwards, Stuart Parr, Rob Bennett, John Maguire, Arnold England, Angie Wilson, Fiona Moore, Tina Brasenell and David Ottely.


Minutes from the meeting held on 13th July were approved.


As there was new attendees, a brief overview was given of Brookside Big Local. Over the last two years a group of residents have worked to retrieve funding from the Lottery fund. This has been achieved through dedicated support from the Local Trust Organisation and help from Stirchley and Brookside Parish Council. These dedicated people have achieved £1,000,000 funding to create social re-generation in Brookside over the next 10 years. This funding is for the residents and volunteers in Brookside to spend in our community and is predominately based on 8 main aims that can be expanded. A sheet was handed out with these core aims.


There is an opportunity for residents to attend a Networking event to be held on a Saturday in October for other Big Local groups to meet and discuss our various experiences.


Local Trust – All formal boxes have been checked and achieved, the funding will be paid quarterly, we have received £49,000 and this money is being allocated.


Delivering the Brookside Big Local Community Plan -  Main themes are being absorbed by the community. Brookside Central is now being seen as a social hub for our community with the Take5 Cafe, being praised by residents as a success.


Each theme needs an executable delivery plan, how we can enable residents to become empowered to be actively involved, there needs to be an allocated slot for our main themes. Perhaps through sub-groups and residents taking responsibility for them.


There has been an interest in creating new social enterprises, informal discussions have been held with, for example, The Credit Union.


A workshop was discussed to occur in Brookside Central for residents to attend; one in the daytime to accommodate parents/carers with children and one in the evening to that ideas can be discussed.


A seperate Social Enterprise workshop to be held in the next two weeks.


Brookside Big Local Finance Shedule for the next 12 months – There is currently £1,934 available for events and the Community Chest. The Community Chest will be continued as it is proving to be a success. Discussions are required for budget forecasting and the monitoring reports are required by the Local Trust by the end of this week.


Community Chest – Barbara introduced her ideas for bring her Ghanian heritage and community into our community. This would be an opportunity for residents to engage and learn about her culture in order for the multi-cultural society that Brookside is to intigrate better with each other. This was unanimously agreed as was the the idea of a Brookside Carnival. As large functions take many months to arrange, risk assessments, health and safety, insurance liabilities etc it was decided that BBL wouldn't be able to assist with her event on 31th August. It was agreed that BBL would assist, with a budget of up to £800 for the Beach Party/Skate Park Event to be held on Saturday 5th Sepetember.


Stirchley and Brookside Parish Council have kindly donated £1,500 for this Beach Party/Skate Park and Luke requires £650 for the Skate Park event. Gary suggested that he could work arount his Be Active budget to accommodate this.




Skills and Audit Evaluation – A sheet was handed out summarising where our strengths are etc. It was universally agreed that our biggest problem is time. With more Community Forums, more talking with residents will lead to more involvement freeing up people's time. Moving on efficiently will require training, either in-house and sourcing outside trainers to train at Brookside Central, key area's identified were: Business Management, Health and Safety, Business Planning and Financial Monitoring. Training should be focused on our needs and a costing exercise should be performed.


There is a Local Networking event in September on a Saturday, Helen suggested that BBL have a presence there.


Community Chest – First three: Brookside Friendly Club, Brookside Events Group and Elaine Vinters have been provisionally approved. Nikki Lane's has been rejected due to her budget plan, however it was provisionally agreed that £100 to be paid for her time and materials for the Arts Event on 8th of August and Training (see above). It was discussed to pay Grant the muscian, though the budget has to be looked at. John Trubshaw should receive payment for a printer that he bought; £75, and additional funding for his consumables as well. Unsuccessful – Family & Cohesion Services as £500 won't cover the cost of the pool table.


Spinal Path – Pride in your Community -  At Tina Brasenell's request, Nicola updated residents with Tina's new role and should anyone have any environmental concerns to contact her directly. As promised here is the link for more information on her street champion campaign:


The bulbs and clean up for the spinal path planting will happen the last week in August/First week in September.


The door knocking that TWC and residents was deemed extremely positive and informative.


Feedback from the Music and Arts Event held on August 8th – Was a success. Branding of Brookside Big local has to be more prolific – a permenant stand within Brookside Central, more defined Website, perhaps postcards so that people can leave their details to be informed of upcoming events. A database of contacts to be maintained.


The arts and creative writing was a massive part of the event. The arts enable young and old to express themselves and the creative writing enabled families to participate together.


It was unanimously agreed that we need consistency with the Arts projects, which will enable a higher resident participation, for example, regular workshops for arts, music and crafts, pehaps on a Sunday for this we'd beed to budget:


  • £500 for 10 weeks rrom hire at Brookside Central
  • £200 for materials
  • Budget for paying musicians/artists to attend these workshops


The above has provisionally approved.


There is a free Safeguarding course to be held in Donnington Life Long Learning Centre on the 9th and 16th Spetember from 13:00 until 15:00. If the interest in this course is good then we could hold a future course in Brookside Central. All interest should be conveyed to Sarah Durnall and Fiona Moore at Brookside Central.


An Arts, Music and Craft subgroup should be created with an established code of practice/principles to be defined.


Brookside Big Local Bonfire/fireworks display to be held Saturday 14th November at 19:00. However, it was unanimously agreed that this event could be expanded; during the day an arts, music, crafts and food available before the main event. Take5 cafe could be involved or a food van subsidised, this is an idea to be be discussed and expanded.


Brookside Central Room Names -  It was decided that all Brookside Street Names are to be placed in a bowl and chosen at random by residents.


Brookside Big Local next meeting – Monday 21st Spetember, 20:00 until 21:30ish!


Other Business – A time for a meeting to be held that we can talk about things that motivate us, our experiences, our general health, Be Active is interested in this. A resident run forum for ideas to be discussed, for example; Variety Sports Day, More walls to be available for graffity, for the younger residents to get involved with expressing themselves creatively.









  • Helen to facilitate with the Workshops  both Community and Social Enterprise and Nicola to assist, so that these happen in the next 2/3 weeks.
  • Gillian and Nicola to meet to discuss the questions on the Local trust Monitoring report, Community Chest letters and Website.
  • Barbara to discuss with her action group for their participation in the Beach Party on the 5th Spetember.
  • Gary to look at his Be Active budget for Luke's Skate Park event and see if he can accommodate Luke with the £650.
  • Gillian to look at a generic postcard design for retrieving interested residents contact information.
  • Nikki and Steve to discuss an arts, music and crafts sub group and establish a formal code of practice/principles for this group. Nicola can assist if required.
  • Gillian, Nikki, Rick and Steve to talk about more about the available walls for the children to use various formats of art to express themselves. Nicola can assist if required.








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